About Us

CreativePages provides professional consulting services in community outreach and public participation campaigns. Our services include preparing communication materials, illustrations, document designs, technical and non-technical writing, research, production and marketing, corporate branding, and staff training for a variety of projects as they relate to the architect-engineering-planning sector. We collaborate with engineers to create information that is both technically accurate and easily understandable to a lay audience. Moreover, we communicate and write clearly, concisely, and persuasively, with the dual purpose of connecting the program and technical management team to their stakeholders, while marshaling support from local experts and officials to assure a smoother, more successful project.

For 18 years, the owner of CreativePages has designed, written, co-authored, edited, and produced numerous publications. We advise the technical team on how to increase stakeholder buy-in and help identify and combat obstacles before they arise. Finally, we are accomplished at working on large, complex, consent-decree driven projects under tight deadlines, while continuously maintaining quality.